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At AccessOne EAP we are well aware of the benefits that training can make. So, how does training help the organization? The title "Employee Assistance Program" should say "Employer Assistance Program" as well.


The most important goals of an EAP is to:

  1. Help the employer solve real business problems.
  2. Give managers / supervisors / employees the tools and interpersonal skills they need to become better employees.
Through the offering of courses in Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Personal Improvement, Management, Communication and Customer Service we at AccessOne EAP aim to develop "everyone" in the company.


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Human Resource Management
HRM101 Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity is a key element in any successful workplace, but to be successful a diverse workforce must learn to work together. Learning to understand the power our expectations have on our behavior.
HRM102 Employee Relations
This course helps you define how management practices and styles, policies and procedures, and how employment laws impact your organization.
HRM103 Workplace Violence
Preventing workplace violence takes more than just an awareness and prohibitive policies. Your employees and leaders must be able to recognize and contain situations before they escalate into actual violent events.
HRM104 Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees
A must for all employees and employers, this program emphasizes prevention consciousness-raising and proper complaint procedures.
HRM105 Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employers
An employer's nightmare, sexual harassment not only hurts productivity and morale, it exposes the organization to grave consequences. Learn the complaint process and investigation procedures.
HRM106 Affirmative Action Primer for Management
This course provides guidelines to ensure that managers make correct decisions about affirmative action, equal employment opportunity age and sex discrimination and sexual harassment.
Organizational Development
OD101 Organizational Change
Is your organization undergoing change? This course prepares your organization and your colleagues for the human side of change and the knowledge needed for creating an environment ready for change.
OD102 Managing Change at Work
This course provides the skills managers need for understanding the process of change and supporting people through it.
OD103 Succession Planning
Want to improve employee morale, lessen the effect of reengineering downsizing? This course was designed to guide you through the evaluation process of succession planning. You will learn how to set up a program, along with benchmarking procesdures for ensuring the ongoing success of your plans.
OD104 Total Quality Management
This course provides managers and team members with an easy-to-understand overview of the team philosophy.
OD105 Strategic Planning
This course explains the purpose of strategic planning, its objectives and worthwhile outcomes, and overviews strategic planning methodologies.
OD106 The 4 P's of Marketing
Get the most of out of your marketing dollar. Learn the 4 P's and how to handle the techniques in cost-effective ways.
Personal Improvement
P101 Time Management
Get a grip on priorities, identify your “time traps,” and make every minute productive, using simple techniques to manage the time you have available.
P102 Stress Management
When stress builds to extreme levels and we are unable to cope, learn how to monitor and control stress so that it is a positive force and a matter of changing our perceptions of what is happening.
P103 Maintaining Peak Performance Under Stress
This course and activities lead you through planning, organizing, motivating, goal setting, and building trust. Use this course as a driving force to learn how to measure and manage stress.
P104 A is for Attitude
Polish people skills, energize yourself and retain a healthy perspective. This course will help you stay positive and focused in today’s busy, pressure-filled world.
P105 Developing Self-Esteem
Learn to maximize your marketable strengths and create a permanent positive belief system in this course. The rewards will touch every area of your life.
P106 Effective Networking
Networking means sharing information, resources and support to build and maintain effective career and personal relationships. This course covers how to bid and sustain powerful give and take relationships that work.
P107 Business Etiquette and Professionalism
Learn how to gain a competitive edge thru understanding business etiquette. From making introductions to dining out to electronic etiquette, you will learn how to identify and avoid “social traps.”
M101 How to Motivate and Manage People
This course offers ideas, concepts, methods and approaches to effectively motivate others. It incorporates techniques to enhance effective communication, goal-setting and rewarding performance.
M102 Teambuilding for Success
Take a group of bored, uncommunicative employees and turn them into a fully functioning, dynamic team with you at the helm. This course will help you understand how to create a workplace that supports and encourages teamwork.
M103 Effective Goal Setting
Strive to set goals that are achievable, empowering and motivating. This course will help you unlock hidden productivity through the fundamental process of goal-setting.
M104 Coaching and Non-coaching Professionals
Develop a full set of effective, easy-to-use coaching and counseling skills to accurately identify when your employees need assistance.
M105 Effective Performance Appraisals
Learn how to make the next appraisal you conduct a positive experience for all. This course teaches you how to use performance appraisals to foster high morale, increase productivity, and strengthen workplace relationships.
M106 The New Supervisor
Face the challenges of supervising with a solid base of knowledge. This course lays the foundation of your career by showing you how to delegate, solve problems, and make decisions with confidence in your role and authority.
C101 Communicating with Employees
In this Information Age, effective and concise communication with your staff is essential. This course provides you with techniques that enable you to effectively communicate the business objectives of your organization to your staff.
C102 The Business of Listening
Most of us only use one-third of our listening capacity. Learn how to obtain more information, retain more information and “hear between the lines” of a business or personal conversation.
C103 Giving and Receiving Feedback
Participants in this course will discover the secrets to giving meaningful yet motivating criticism and receiving critical feedback.
C104 Public Presentations
If public speaking makes you shake in your shoes, this is the course for you. You will learn step-by-step tactics which make public presentations easy, effective and FUN.
C105 Effective Meeting Skills
Eliminate wasteful meetings and unproductive sessions. This course will teach you how to plan, conduct and improve any meeting as well as recognize and avoid meeting blahs.
C106 Facilitation Skills
This course contains everything you need to facilitate, run and evaluate meetings while leading groups. It is especially useful for managers, supervisors and fulltime facilitators who want to become more effective facilitators in their business or personal environment.
Customer Service
CS101 What Exactly is Customer Service (4 hrs)
This nuts-and-bolts course provides ideas for improving how you interact with your customers. It is a mini-course filled with common sense ways you can value, appreciate and retain your customers with exemplary service.
CS102 Beyond Customer Services
Would you like to learn how to you and your organization can take your customer service to another level? Learn how to increase customer satisfaction, generate meaningful feedback and develop loyalty.
CS103 Customer Satisfaction
Do you want to build trust and encourage repeat business? This course will quickly improve customer services skills throughout your organization. Give your employees the people skills they need to handle difficult clients, diffuse anger, prevent burnout and use effective communication.
CS104 Calming Upset Customers
Learn how to effectively deal with angry customer, clients or colleagues. This course is designed to give you the ability to distinguish between a disturbed or upset customer while working toward a positive, win-win outcome.